THIS is the amazing real-life story of the son who refused to die in the heart of his beloved mother. Twenty-year-old Tony Woodmansee left Earth on Saturday, November 6, 2010, after a car accident.

As hard as it was to deal with the appalling grief of losing a son, Sally Woodmansee knew she had to get on with her life. But that didn’t happen — and nothing could have prepared her for the emotional turmoil that was to follow.

To her astonishment, Tony started writing to her from beyond the grave and began to follow her everywhere. Each day he talks to his mum — giving her moving insights into his life in the spirit world, his new friends, the babies he never knew … and the sweetheart who’s a real angel.

He also revealed to her that she had been chosen to spread an important message of hope and understanding for mankind. At times Sally has felt overwhelmed with the responsibility that has been thrust on her. But, daily, she receives constant reassurance from Tony and her spirit guides of her mission in life.

Tony lived at home until the accident and was always a dutiful son. Now, in death, he still is. Sally will sit down with pen and notebook in the solitude of her dining room and confide in Tony, asking him questions in the way that any mother would to an earthly son. Over the months, he has been writing back, using her hand, filling hundreds of pages.

Sally has discovered many things that shocked her, not least that she had been chosen to tell for the first time the greatest story of all: life and death. This is not just a tragic tale of tears and despair. It is fun, too, and will give great comfort to all those who have ever grieved for a loved one.

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